Sustainability is Not a Trend
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Sustainability is Not a Trend

posted: December 8, 2021

Did you know 83% of Americans consider sustainability when buying food?

Sustainability is not a trend, it is becoming a cultural shift. When your customers ask about sustainable wines, they can rest assured that SIP Certified shows your dedication to responsible practices from the soil to the bottle. Here are three ways certification brings value to your good work:

1. Help Us Set a High Bar

SIP Certified is the strictest program to assess the environmental, social, and community health of vineyards and wineries. Certification helps you implement sustainable practices on every level from farm labor to agriculture - from energy conservation to water quality. This breadth and rigor means that not every winegrower could attain SIP Certified.

2. Third Party Verification is Key

76% of the public believes an independent third-party certification is the best way to verify a product's social or environmental claim.

Complying with the SIP Certified Standards (rules) is multi-pronged:

  • Implementation and documentation of over 100 practices
  • Independent documentation and on-site inspections
  • Final approval from an independent advisory committee (government, academic, and industry professionals)

3. Use the Seal of Achievement

66% of sustainable wine consumers identify eco-friendly wine at point of purchase via labels and in store information.

Sustainability is an important issue to a large consumer group. A third-party seal, on wine packaging and marketing materials, helps inform buyers that you have gone above the industry standards to craft a product made with conscious and care.

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