Sustainable Wines in Paso Robles Wine Country
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Sustainable Wines in Paso Robles Wine Country

March 8


In recent years, Paso Robles quickly became a top wine region in California. Equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco, the once bucolic town is now a popular destination for food and wine drinkers alike. Because of its roots as an agricultural town (still home to many working cattle ranches) and home to older wineries, the land was teeming with possibilities when more vintners came to town. With more acres of vines going into the ground, the need for sustainable farming was apparent and SIP Certified has worked with a number of Paso Robles area wines for over twenty five years to ensure the land can be farmed for years to come. Looking for a trip through “Paso,” as it’s colloquially known to locals? Here is a great itinerary to help discover sustainable wines in Paso Robles.

Oso Libre: Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable Energy

Just off of Highway 46 on Vineyard Road, Oso Libre is a fantastic start to your adventures in sustainability. Boasting a 0% carbon footprint, Oso Libre is SIP Certified and uses wind to power their facility. As part of their sustainable farming efforts, livestock graze the vineyards to “mow” excess ground cover and in addition to growing grapes, Oso Libre raises free range, grassfed, hormone free Black Angus. Their holistic approach to farming makes their facility a unique location and one worth visiting.

Niner Wine Estates: Farm to Table and Glass

Located on Highway 46 West not far from Highway 101, Niner Wine Estates is a wonderland when it comes to all things sustainability. Farming over 200 acres of SIP Certified vineyards, Niner was also one of the first wineries to certify their winery sustainable. The thoughtfulness for the world at large does not end there for Niner with their facility LEED Certified and solar powered. One of the crown jewels of Niner is their wonderful restaurant which sources local ingredients and boasts a chef’s garden right outside its doors. Take some time at Niner to enjoy a flight of their wonderfully crafted wines and a locally sourced meal.

Rava: Generational Farming for the Future

Chad Rava is a third generation farmer from Monterey county where his family immigrated from Italy and over the years farm vegetables and cattle (and continue to do so). Chad and his wife Lauren opened Rava Wines in 2017 and have a stellar venue for wine tasting and events. Even more exciting, Rava is one of the few places in Paso Robles that produces sparkling wines. Their commitment to farming sustainably was based on keeping the land healthy for the sake of their family, neighbors, community, and generations to come.

Paso Robles is a great destination for a wine country getaway and be sure to check out a full list of sustainable vineyards and wineries in the area here