Welcome to SIP Certified!
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Welcome to SIP Certified!

October 31


Welcome to the over 46,000 vineyard acres in California, Oregon, and Michigan, five wineries, and 55 million bottles that are SIP Certified sustainable. Your certification shows that you implement strict, science-based practices that help protect the people and the planet.

Searches for sustainable goods have increased globally by 71% since 2016. What used to be a niche market has become a consumer demand! Your certification differentiates your brand as one that is committed to preserving the health of the people and the planet for our generation and those to come.

Thank you for your commitment to sustainable winegrowing. This weekly, six-part email series will give you tips and tools so you can achieve SIP Certified successfully.

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The Marketing Tips e-newsletter provides tips to help you leverage your sustainable certification in your marketing efforts, and resources to help empower your consumer-facing staff to talk with your clients about your dedication to the people and the planet through your sustainable practices. Sign up to get the latest tips delivered straight to your inbox every second and fourth Thursday of the month!

How We Got Started

SIP Certified was developed by Vineyard Team, a non-profit dedicated to sustainable winegrowing since 1994. It evolved from California’s first and award-winning sustainable vineyard farming self-assessment, the Positive Points System, into a vineyard certification that launched in 2008.

And because sustainability does not stop in the vineyard, our winery certification was piloted in 2016.

Today, over 55 million bottles carry the SIP Certified logo on the bottle.

Feel free to contact whitney@vineyardteam.org if you have any questions as you go through the certification process.


- Get Started with SIP Certified (part 1 of 6) -