6 Tips to Communicate Social Responsibility
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6 Tips to Communicate Social Responsibility

December 9


The holidays are a time of year for giving and supporting our communities. As SIP Certified business, it’s important to create a plan for giving and get your whole staff involved. Community support is not only a tenant of SIP Certified but is an added value to your consumers. According to the Mintel market intelligence agency, 73% of American’s consider a companies’ charitable work when making a purchase. Communicating your charitable work across multiple platforms will only strengthen your brand and brand loyalty. 

Large, mid-sized, or small; businesses around the world are including Social Impact/Responsibility practices as part of their company’s overall business plan. Regardless of your size, budget, or personnel workload, carving a space out to help a cause is imperative for the sake of your community, but as we navigate the waters of conscious consumerism, critical for sales and brand connection. 

On a large scale, the Wonderful Company (parent company of SIP Certified member Justin Winery), runs a very robust social responsibility program that provides support in the areas of health and wellness, education, community, and sustainability. By providing a comprehensive report, the company’s transparency is a welcome amenity for consumers. 

Vina Robles, a SIP Certified member, recently launched a “We Plant Trees” initiative and released an estate blend, “The Arborist,” with a portion of each bottle sold going to the One Tree Planted organization. One Tree Planted is committed to reforestation around the globe and Vina Robles is very genuine in their efforts and included a counter on their website tallying the number of trees planted since the launch of the program. 

From a local perspective, there are a bevy of organizations to work with during the holiday season including food banks, toy drives, and highway/road clean-ups. As consumers scroll through social media during this holiday season, all signs point to them wanting to see your brand reaching out and helping your community.

6 Tips to Communicate Social Responsibility on Social Media: 

  1. Master the Art of Social Listening: listen and engage with consumers when it comes to your social responsibility initiatives. 

  2. Be Creative: Fun photos, relatable stories, and entertaining posts!

  3. Be Transparent: As mentioned above, it’s crucial to show the benefits of your programs, boast your successes, and use tangible data to reflect progress. 

  4. Show the Impact of your work: Who or what is benefiting? Be truthful and concise when conveying the steps involved in your work. 

  5. Involve your Employees: Showcase your employees’ hard work and dedication to your cause and personalize the story to demonstrate the efforts you’re putting into the community. 

  6. Tag SIP Certified in your posts on Instagram and Facebook @sipcertified and #sipcertified so we can also showcase your commitment to sustainability. 

(Tips 1-5 thanks to MCI)