Data-Driven Irrigation | Bien Nacido Vineyard's Sustainable Story
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Data-Driven Irrigation | Bien Nacido Vineyard's Sustainable Story

May 16


“Food disconnect” is a term used to describe the average consumer’s lack of knowledge about where their food comes from and how it’s made. When it comes to wine, most consumers only see the finished product in the grocery store or tasting room!

While everyday agricultural practices may feel ordinary to you, these topics are fascinating to the average consumer, who likely has little to no insight into the block to bottle process behind their glass of wine.

Describing specific practices and why they are important helps customers understand the time and care that went into producing their wine. Sharing your unique story welcomes them to take part in the good feelings that come from supporting a business that is doing better for the people and the planet.

People care about social and environmental issues, and want to support brands that share their values and do something about it.

This week’s Marketing Tip tells the inspiring Sustainable Story of how Bien Nacido Vineyards’ irrigation team demonstrates diligent Water Management through the use of technology and a growth mindset.


Data-Driven Irrigation

Water is a valuable resource for all forms of life. But it is limited and must be used responsibly.

Bien Nacido Vineyards’ team of experienced irrigators, led by Miguel Asuncion, take several steps to ensure efficient water use.

To avoid system malfunction and uneven hydration, vineyard stewards must constantly maintain their systems. Bien Nacido’s team performs multiple line flushes each year to keep them clear of dirt and debris, and routinely tests distribution uniformity to ensure consistent hydration across their diverse terrains and elevations.

Vines aren’t heavy water users, and Mother Nature provides a portion of what they do need. Bien Nacido’s irrigators track rainfall, weather data, and soil moisture levels, and estimate evapotranspiration. With this data, they tailor their irrigation schedule based on the land’s needs.

When their data shows their vines need water, the team of irrigators waits until the sun is down. They irrigate during dark hours because without the sun’s heat, the vines and soil can more efficiently absorb and utilize what is applied.

But they believe opportunities for enhancement never end. Bien Nacido partners with experts to help identify even more areas for improvement.

They have created a plan to advance their soil and sap flow monitoring technologies, and seek further optimization opportunities with regular analyses of their irrigation system’s design, filtration, and pressure regulation.

Sustainable Stories 2024

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