Sustainable Earns Shelf Space, according to the Director of Liquor for Vons, Albertsons, & Pavilions
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Sustainable Earns Shelf Space, according to the Director of Liquor for Vons, Albertsons, & Pavilions

February 10


Capturing Consumer Interest in Sustainability

If you haven’t added the SIP Certified logo to your wine labels or promoted your SIP Certified status through POS materials, now is a great time.

Recent studies have shown consumers are seeking sustainable, ethically produced goods and services more than ever before. And 66% of those consumers identify sustainable wines by their label and POS materials.

Phil Markert, Director of Liquor for Vons, Albertsons, and Pavilions, has observed this trend first-hand as customers come in seeking wines produced from sustainable vineyards and/or companies committed to reducing their environmental impact:

“It’s beginning to influence which wines we have on the shelf,” says Phil. “In fact, at several locations, we’re testing displays of sustainable wines that feature ecolabels.”


Add the SIP Certified Logo to Your Label

Ecolabels, such as wine labels with the SIP Certified logo, can help elevate your brand among consumers by demonstrating your steadfast commitment to sustainability. And in a crowded marketplace, that's a good thing.

Want to get started? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Wines with the SIP Certified logo must be made with at least 85% SIP Certified fruit (estate or purchased)
  • Wines can be certified at any time of year, but we recommend certifying around bottling time, 1-2 times per year
  • New wines need to be certified at the final blend so you can submit your certification letter with your COLA
  • Previously certified wines of a new vintage can be certified after bottling
  • Inspections can now be done remotely with your inspector via email (Hooray!)
  • Email Whitney at to get started today


Order SIP Certified Sustainable POS Materials

As you know, competition in the wine retail space is fierce!

Make your wine shine by promoting your SIP Certified status with a variety of eye-catching POS materials, such as wine neckers, posters, retail displays, and educational materials.

To order your materials, click here!