Sustainable Tasting Room Tips
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Sustainable Tasting Room Tips

June 6


Your tasting room may be the most customer-facing facet of your wine business. This makes it the perfect setting to display your dedication to sustainability.

Provide visual cues to let your guests know that the wine they sip is more than delicious – it’s environmentally and socially responsible.

Get inspiration from this Marketing Tip to share your commitment with your guests in fun, decorative ways.

Sign Sustainably

Communicate what your business values by using eye-catching signage.

On a recent Team trip to Oso Libre, we could immediately see that they are passionate about sustainability.

Their passion is seeded throughout every area of the tasting room. From sustainable signs posted on the fence line, to informational pieces hung inside, outside, and even in the restrooms, every wall has a message that connects guests what sustainability really means to Oso Libre.

Curious tasters are enticed by in-depth material that welcomes them to dig a little deeper and learn about exactly how the brand embodies sustainability.


Click Print: Get Your Sustainable Sign

Print out the SIP Certified Tasting Room table sign so the 7 Values and a monthly Sustainable Story are at an arm’s reach for your staff and guests.


Do You Sell Sustainability?

Your hospitality staff have the power to make a lasting impression on your visitors. The tasting experience they provide helps build your brand!

Do your hospitality staff have the knowledge to talk about your dedication to sustainability?

Share these three free tools to help them learn how.

1. Book a Live Sustainability Training

This training module will help your team:

  • Learn what sustainability really means in the wine industry.
  • Identify 7 specific ways YOUR brand practices sustainability.
  • Share this knowledge with your customers to increase sales.

Reach out to to book yours today.

2. Use the Free Online Course

The free, 30-min online course is a simple yet powerful free tool that will teach your team about:

  • Sustainability in the wine industry.
  • The SIP Certified program.
  • How to tell your Sustainable Story to increase sales.

Click here to take the course.

3. Use the Worksheet

Bring the worksheet to your next staff meeting so you can write your Sustainable Story together!

After completing it, you’ll have 7 specific examples of how your brand practices sustainability – i.e., your Sustainable Story.

Print & fill version | Electronic version