Tailor Your Message to Fit Your Customer
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Tailor Your Message to Fit Your Customer

February 3


Each generation of drinking-aged adults has a unique way of thinking when it comes to selecting their next bottle of wine. SIP Certified paired with Wolf Consulting to conduct surveys of wine drinkers of the Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z generations.

When the results were analyzed, there were clear differences between the generations. We put together the following infographic for SIP Certified brands to better understand what it is each generation of consumers cares most about, and tailor their messages appropriately to increase awareness and desirability of sustainable winemaking practices.

"Wineries have the choice to embrace digital or perish... This is a crucial time for wineries to invest in people, technologies, and processes as we move into a new consumer mindset.” - Paul Mabary, CEO of Emetry

Themes Covered:

  • Terminology
  • Price Points
  • Distribution
  • Referral Sources
  • Message Delivery
  • Online Behaviors

How to Reach Each Generation in Your Marketing