The training your tasting room staff needs
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The training your tasting room staff needs

April 5


Employees who are regularly trained and educated report higher levels of motivation, performance, company loyalty, and more.

Yet, almost 52% of employees in the food and beverage industry only receive training when they join their organization. Of those that do receive regular training, only 4.5% receive training about their company’s mission and values (TalentLMS, 2019).

If you aren't regularly providing training and education for your staff, especially on your company's mission and values, you're missing out on opportunities to create a stronger, more dedicated team!

One way tasting room managers can educate their staff on the company's mission and values is to have continual conversations about what your brand is up to behind the scenes, i.e., your sustainability efforts.

3 Big Benefits - John Gayley, Center of Effort

Center of Effort's commitment to sustainability is a foundational part of their story and how they tell it. John Gayley, Hospitality Team Member, says that keeping staff educated on this commitment reinforces their brand day in and day out. “This can be done more effectively if staff understands what we are really doing both fundamentally, and what new and exciting things we are working on to continue to improve into the future.”

John notes 3 big benefits the team experiences by staying in the know. The team:

  1. Continuously helps the winery improve its commitment to sustainability
  2. Constantly reinforces the brand and the importance of sustainability
  3. Provides a better experience for their guests

When he takes guests on tours, he is constantly met with curiosity and fascination. "There are so many examples of sustainability if you just look across the patio and into the vineyard," says John. Guests ask questions about cover crops, irrigation, owl boxes, and more. “When guests can come and visit better informed and better aware, this helps all of us in our mission of sustainability.”

The latest tool for your team

Our Sustainable Story is the latest addition to our arsenal of tools to help empower your staff.

We created this tool to help you identify and communicate 7 sustainable practices that are specific to your company. Complete the worksheet as a training and conversational exercise for your team at your next staff meeting. We highly encourage you to invite your farmer so they can describe what sustainability looks like out in the vineyard.

Worksheet for Print | Worksheet for Electronic Filling

SIP Tip: see an example from Niner Wine Estates!

Share your Sustainable Story

Regular training for your staff leads to more skilled, informed, and satisfied employees. Plus, after completing this exercise, your staff will be geared up with several unique sustainable stories to share with clients during tastings (a practice that we know can lead to more wine sales!).

They're coming! Sustainable Stories from SIP Certified Members

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