3 Steps to Get SIP Certified
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3 Steps to Get SIP Certified

November 14

  1. Document your practices by completing the Standards.
  2. Schedule your inspection.
  3. Maintain your practices through November.

It’s that easy!

Here’s a more in-depth breakdown of the process:

Document Your Practices

Documentation of the Standards should reflect practices from December 1 of the previous year up until your inspection (March 15 to July 15) unless otherwise specified.

Certification applies to the vintage within which the Standards' practices were third-party audited (e.g. practices implemented from December 1, 2022 through November 30, 2023 would be eligible for vintage 2023 certification).

  • Requirements: These are mandatory and worth 500 points. Failure to meet any one Requirement or provide proper documentation will result in not achieving certification.
  • Management Enhancements (ME): You must receive a minimum of 50% of the applicable ME points. Some questions have Not Applicable answers. If a Not Applicable answer is selected that question’s point value is subtracted from the total available ME points (don’t worry, the database calculates this for you!).

Log in to the Database to start documenting your practices. Check out this tutorial if you'd like to see how.

Time Required to Complete the Standards

Your first year will take about 60 – 80 hours to implement and document the Standards. In future years, you will just need 20 – 30 hours.

Inspection Types

The number of Standards you must complete changes from year to year through a three-year cycle. These Cycles are also referred to as “Inspection Types.”

  • Cycle 1 is full Documentation and Onsite (Full).
  • Cycles 2 and 3 will be Documentation (D), or a short Documentation and Onsite inspection (D+O).

This year, complete the entire Standards (Cycle 1). You must achieve at least 75% of the available points, verified with an onsite inspection.

Schedule Your Inspection

SIP Certified uses third-party inspectors to verify member practices. You must hire your inspector directly by reaching out to an individual from our list of accredited third-party inspectors, and schedule your inspection on a date between March 15th and July 15th. Inspectors are paid directly, and charge $100-$175/hour.

Inspections typically take:

  • Cycle 1 (new applicant) Full | 8 – 15 hours
  • Cycle 1 (renewal applicants) Full | 4 – 6 hours
  • Cycle 2 and 3 Documentation (D) | 1 – 3 hours
  • Cycle 2 and 3 Documentation & Onsite (D+O) / Impromptu | 2 – 4 hours

SIP Tip: Make sure you have uploaded all of your documentation to the database prior to your inspection to mitigate back and forth with your inspector and ensure an efficient process.

Watch this tutorial to see how to schedule your inspection.

Maintain Your Practices Through December

That’s it! Keep up your good work protecting the people and the planet, and be sure to renew your certification come December 1st.

This tutorial shows you how to renew your certification.

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