6 Ways SIP Certified Helps Your Brand
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6 Ways SIP Certified Helps Your Brand

January 7


83% of Americans consider sustainability an important factor when buying food and wine. SIP Certified differentiates your brand from your competition. Here is how:

  1. Retail display materials enable members to set up sustainable wine sections in retail accounts.

  2. Brochures, presentations, logos and other marketing materials help communicate your sustainable practices.

  3. Enjoy training and education for your hospitality and sales teams.

  4. Our media outreach and samples programs will raise awareness and perception of your brand throughout the gatekeeper community.

  5. The SIP Certified logo gives you access to eco-focused retailers and restaurants.

  6. Certification allows you to be a member of an elite group of wine growers and producers.
Certification began on December 1, but there is still time to join the program in 2021. Signup online or contact me to convert your self-assessment into certification, complete your inspection between June 1 and July 15, and get SIP Certified for 2021.