How will the Self-Assessment help your business?
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How will the Self-Assessment help your business?

posted: November 17, 2022

The SIP Certified Self-Assessment helps you efficiently improve your sustainability while being mindful of your business goals.

How will the SIP Certified Self-Assessment help your business?

  • Learn the latest science-based practices.
  • Review your whole operation in one place.
  • Set goals to advance your business.

SIP Certified sets the bar for sustainable winegrowing with strict requirements that help you measure your environmental, social, and community impact while assuring your consumers that the product in their bottle was made with conscience care for the people and the planet. But don't take it from us...

Here's What Your Peers Say

"We can’t make progress without a thorough look at our practices and an honest look at ourselves. When we evaluate as an industry, we can all rely on each other and make leaps and bounds forward. The SIP Certified Self-Assessment has brought all of this together for us as winegrowers."

- Jim Stollberg, Owner, Maverick Farming

“Being Certified Sustainable in the SIP program has really helped us tell the story of the Hope Family Vineyard, especially with distributors and customers who want to learn more about our vineyard practices”

- Austin Hope, Hope Family Wines

"With literally thousands of conventional wines in the marketplace, more and more customers are seeking out wines that are farmed organically and sustainable. Just like the organic section in the produce dept., people are drawn to a better tasting and better for you wine while knowing they are supporting a better planet."

- Mike van Beyre, Wine Director, Bottles Superstore

Want to Get Certified?

If you are ready to tout your sustainable practices in the market, you can convert your self-assessment into certification any time. It is quick and easy. Just email to get started.


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