Recent SIP Certified Database Updates
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Recent SIP Certified Database Updates

posted: April 29, 2024

The SIP Certified database is your hub for all things certification. We meet regularly with the program developer to work on new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and more.

Here are some of the updates we completed in Quarter 1 of 2024 that help make achieving SIP Certified even easier.

Property Updates

Enhancements for Ag Order 4.0

SIP Certified has partnered with Preservation Inc to save members time by submitting Total Nitrogen Applied (TNA) reports to fulfill requirements for Regional Water Quality Control Board Region 3 Ag Order 4.0.

While the first year of this regulatory relief was successful, the team identified areas where the database could help streamline the process. The following database enhancements are now in place:

  • Opt-In check box: let us know if you'd like us to submit your TNA report on a Ranch-specific basis.
  • AW, AGL, and APN input: this is where you input your Water Board operator number, Global ID (each ranch is unique), and assessor parcel numbers so we can submit your TNA report. If we submitted your 2023 report, your data was carried over.

To view and use these updates, watch this tutorial.

Signed Documents

Your signed Vineyard/Winery Agreement(s), NDA, and TNA Agreement (if applicable) are accessible on your Property Overview page.

To view your documents, go to your Property, and find the Documents heading (middle of the screen, at the bottom).

Set a BILL TO Address For Your Invoice

The address identified as "Billing" will now populate on your annual certification invoice.

To set a BILL TO address, click on Properties, select a Property, click on Addresses (left), and either:

  • Click the button to Edit an existing address, check the box for Billing, and click Save; or
  • Click the button to +Add Another Address, complete the fields, check the box for Billing, and click Save.

Application Updates

Chronological Document Sorting

Your uploaded standard documentation is now sorted so the newest uploads are at the top of the upload list.

To view this update, click Get Started, click on an application name, open a chapter, and open a sub-chapter.

SIP TIP: you can delete old documents from this year's application - they still live in past years' applications!

Welcome Package

This new document was created to give you:

  • Tips for maintaining your certification each year.
  • Tools for sharing your message of sustainability.
  • Educational resources to keep you up to date with the latest in sustainable winegrowing.

To view this document, click Get Started, click on the name of an application, click Documents (left), under Program Information, find the Welcome Package.

Wine Certification Updates


Members and Inspectors receive email notifications during various stages of the wine application process. This quarter, we have:

  • Fine-tuned content for clarity.
  • Tested all to ensure they are triggered under the right circumstances.
  • Updated member notifications to go to the assigned application contact, regardless if "Main Contact" box is checked.

If you have idea or feedback for these notifications, or encounter issues, please reach out to SIP Certified staff.

SIP Tip: learn how to submit a wine application so you can put the SIP Certified logo on your wine bottles.

Stop Auto-Sorting Wines

Wines now show up in the database application in the same order in which you input them. This will help make cross-checking your application with your external list easier, as your inputs will no longer change order once you add them.


On the back end, the database is a complex program. If you ever encounter an Error 500 or any other issue, please reach out to SIP Certified staff with the following details:

  • Date and time the error occurred.
  • What page you were on (i.e., Property Overview page; Ranch Details; Standard Chapter & Sub-chapter)
  • What you were trying to complete.
  • What you clicked on right before receiving the error.