Steps to Get SIP Certified
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Steps to Get SIP Certified

April 1


SIP Certified sustainable is a certification program providing third-party verification that your vineyard, winery, or both has adopted and implemented stringent sustainable winemaking and wine growing standards based on the best practices. These the below steps help you get started with program.

1: Where to Get Information for Your Sustainable Certification

Our sustainability Standards live here, so that’s the first place to start. Your whole team can get tips and tricks on how to share your commitment to sustainability by subscribing to the monthly SIP Certified e-newsletter. Additionally, look for biweekly Vineyard Team e-newsletter for program updates, technical articles, and educational tailgate meetings. We typically send out emails once or twice a month and more frequently when a deadline is approaching. You can find the most recent updates by going to and clicking the The Latest and then Certification Announcements.

2: How to Document Standards Online

You will document the Standards online at Check out our YouTube video tutorials. All documentation must be completed for your inspection between June 1 and July 15. To begin documentation:

  • Login at
  • Click get stated
  • Click the name of a Property
  • Click a Chapter
  • Click a sub chapter (left) >
  • Answer/upload documentation.
  • Don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of the page.

3: Inspection Type

Start documenting the Standards now so you are ready for your inspection between June 1 and July 15. Find your inspection type:

  • Login at
  • Click Get Started
  • Look under the Type column
    • Full = complete documentation and onsite inspection (answer all Standards in the database)
    • D (Documentation) = renewal documentation offsite inspection (answer Standards marked “D” in the database)
    • D+O (Documentation+Onsite) = renewal documentation and onsite inspection (answer Standards marked “D” and “D+O” in the database)

Properties randomly selected for a D+O inspection are shown in the database now. All other Cycle 2 and 3 properties (except for cycle 2 and 3 renewals that received either a documentation and onsite or impromptu in the past 6 years) are eligible for the Impromptu inspection. Impromptu properties will see “D” under their Type column in the database. The Impromptu inspection is just like a D+O except you will receive at least 48 hours’ notice that your inspector will come to the property for an onsite inspection. Because it is the same as a D+O, it is easy to prepare for. That is why even if you have a D inspection you will see questions marked both “D” and “D+O” in the database. Please review the Information Package for inspection details.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions and I look forward to working with you.