Sustainability: It's In Our Roots
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Sustainability: It's In Our Roots

March 4


As the first self-assessment for sustainable vineyard farming, SIP Certified was designed by growers for the wine industry. Today, SIP Certified is still rooted in its original mission of helping growers and winemakers implement the best possible practices.

Achieving SIP Certified shows your dedication to responsible practices from the soil to the bottle. So, when your customers ask about sustainable wines, they can rest assured that you are preserving natural and human resources. Certify your vineyard, winery or wines and join us as we positively impact more acres, wineries, neighborhoods, and natural resources each year. 

SIP Certified launched its pilot program in 2008 with 3,700 acres of vines between Monterey and Santa Barbara counties. Today, there are 42+ vineyard acres in California and Michigan, two wineries and more than 43 million bottles of wine that have been SIP Certified. Consumers around the world can now find a wide array of sustainably produced wines to fit their needs, budgets and stylistic preferences.

There's Still Time to Get Certified

There is still time to join us in our mission to set the gold standard for sustainable winegrowing.