Wine Certification | Marketing Tip Mondays
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Wine Certification | Marketing Tip Mondays

December 16


Have you been keeping up on the Marketing Tips Monday podcast? These short, 2- to 4-minute episodes were created to save you time while you learn actionable and educational tips to leverage your sustainable certification in your marketing efforts.

Our last few Marketing Tips focused on showing wine shoppers that your wine is sustainable when you can't be there to tell them by putting the SIP Certified logo on your bottles.

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154: Is Wine Certification Worth It?

The number of winery businesses has grown, on average, 4.5% each year for the past five years, with over 7600 wineries currently operating in 2022. Among the dizzying sea of wine options, having a certification differentiates your brand!


156: Is Your Wine Being Overlooked?

Most wine shoppers purchase from retail outlets, whether online or in person. This means that the majority of your wine sales probably aren't coming from your tasting room or even your winery's website, where you have a controlled platform from which to deliver the message of your brand's sustainability. With the search for sustainable goods on the rise, you need a way to let wine enthusiasts know about the sustainability of your wine when you can't be there to tell them.


158: Why Brands Certify Their Wines Sustainable

When wine enthusiasts see the SIP Certified seal on your bottle, they know they are looking at a wine that was made with conscious care for the people and the planet. But don't take it from us -- here's what fellow SIP Certified members have to say about certifying their wines...

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