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Social Media Tips

March 19


Content creator and social media maven Heather Daenitz puts it simply on her website, “I get it, social media marketing is a beast. Between hashtags, algorithms, and trying to figure out exactly what to post, it's a lot easier for you to just ignore it.” She will also be the first to tell you to do the exact opposite and dive into social and the vast possibilities it holds for your brand. The numbers don’t lie when it comes to social and it’s more important than ever to be where your customer is.

Want More Social Media Tips? Join the 4/22 Webinar

With strategy consultation, a podcast, and an upcoming online course, Heather is a force in the social media world and listening to her is like taking a Masterclass in all things social and content. Her upcoming webinar with Simonne Mitchelson of Cambria Estate Wines will cover topics on social media and conveying sustainability through these channels as well as working on strategies that are sustainable for your brand and staff.