Social Media & Sustainability Online Workshop

Social Media & Sustainability Online Workshop

Apr 22, 2021
9:00am to 9:30am

Running a sustainable business isn’t limited to environmental aspects, but also includes instituting practices and that allow your marketing efforts to fit within your budget and have lasting effects. Social media is a game changer for brands large and small and the ability to craft your story on these platforms is relatively inexpensive with high impact. Oftentimes, social media planning and content creation seem like a daunting task, but don’t have to be. 

This webinar will cover how to communicate sustainability online as well as how to communicate your social equity practices. In addition to those topics, the hosts will drop some handy social media tips you will not want to miss. 


Heather Daenitz is a social media marketer extraordinaire and content creator for a number of wineries on the Central Coast. Beginning her career in the vineyard, Heather understands the story of block to bottle and all of the content opportunities in between and runs a successful creative firm Craft & Cluster. 

South African native Simonne Mitchelson is an accomplished winemaker with experience in both hemispheres, starting her career in New Zealand and eventually working in Napa at a few wineries. Experienced in both the production and sales and marketing side of wine, Simonne is now a brand manager for Jackson Family Wines.