All of your Social Media tips in one place
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All of your Social Media tips in one place

August 24


Have you been keeping up on the Marketing Tips Monday podcast? These short, 2- to 4-minute episodes were created to save you time while you learn actionable and educational tips to leverage your sustainable certification in your marketing efforts.

Through June and July, our Marketing Tips focused on giving you tips for telling the public about your SIP Certified sustainable status via Social Media.

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144: Are you using the right message on social media?

Your brand's website is an excellent hub for consumers to find your brand's core information, such as your address, hours of operation, menu, shop, history, and awards. But what can you to do connect with your loyal supporters in their daily lives? Regularly post on social media, of course!

142: Partner with an Influencer

Have you worked with a social media influencer? While the concept of working with influencers may sound intimidating to some, we can assure you that with clear goals and succinct calls to action, the process is super rewarding and for direct to consumer sales can be very lucrative.

140: Does social media impact wine sales?

Social media has changed the way consumers and businesses interact. It not only provides convenient two-way communication between consumers and the products and services they support, but it has opened the door for consumers to participate in the marketing. Here are four tips to grow wine sales with social media.

138: 5 Tips for Your Wine Brand's Social Media

The role social media has played in this broad expansion of human interaction cannot be understated. Whether it's for business or pleasure, social media often takes up a big chunk of what we do online and even how we spend our time.

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