3 Tools to Help You Get Certified
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3 Tools to Help You Get Certified

November 28


We have many tools to help you successfully achieve and maintain SIP Certified.

1. Documents

All SIP Certified program documents can be found in the Database. Here are three documents that will help you as you start the certification process:

  • Prohibited Materials List – Active ingredients that cannot be used - share this with anyone making spray decisions.
  • Photo List – Only the questions which require photos so you can snap them all at once.
  • Required Questions Only – Review what must be implemented to achieve certification.

Click here to view all of the documents.

2. Database Tutorials

We have several video tutorials on how to use the Database.

Here are a few:

  • How to Get SIP Certified
  • Find the Documents
  • Document the Standards
  • Certification Instructions
  • Blocks, Varieties, & Acres, and Gallons

See the complete list of tutorials here.

Request a Personal Tutorial

Email whitney@vineyardteam.org to set up a Zoom meeting to go over how to use the Database, or address any other questions you may have about the program.

3. Member Tips eNewsletter

Sign up for the Member Tips eNewsletter to receive bi-monthly tips to prepare you for your Spring/Summer inspection.

SIP Tip: sign up for the Marketing Tips eNewsletter for tips on leveraging your SIP Certified status in your marketing efforts, resources for empowering your staff to talk SIP with your clients, and much more!


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