Next Steps for 2023 SIP Certified
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Next Steps for 2023 SIP Certified

posted: July 31, 2023

Next week, the Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) reviews reports and votes on eligibility.

By late August, you can expect to receive notification of your eligibility for 2023 SIP Certified.
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Your next steps:

  • Check your blocks, varieties, acres, and gallons in the database for accuracy. Your certification fees are based on these!
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  • Check that your contacts in the database are up to date.
  • Add to your safe senders list and/or contacts!

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Due Dates & Eligibility

  • March 15 - July 15 –  Inspections.
    • Applicants are subject to late fees ($250 - $500) for late documentation resulting in late reports.
  • August – Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) votes on eligibility.
  • Late August – Notification of eligibility, and invoicing for eligible applicants.
    • Please ensure your contacts in the database are up to date.
    • Certification fees are based on certified BVAs and gallons. Click here to learn how to make changes to your profile.
  • September 20 – Invoice payments are due.
    • Certification is finalized with the payment of fees.
      • Please make checks payable to Vineyard Team at 5915 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422.
    • Approved applicants will receive a certification letter, certificate, marketing materials, and property sign (new applicants only).
  • December 1 – Renew certification for 2024 (takes less than 5 minutes!).
    • Click here to learn how to renew your application.
  • December 5 – Year-Ends are due.
    In an effort to ease workload during the holiday season, Year-Ends will be due December 5.
    • Vineyards:
      • 9.1.2 Year-End Pesticide Use Reports (July – Nov.)
      • Chapter 14: Year-End Water and Nitrogen Use Reports
    • Wineries:
      • 11.3.4  Noise Testing (every three years)

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