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Office Hours - Recordings & Resources

posted: April 1, 2024

We recommend that you work on your certification a little each month to ease your workload… Office Hours webinars will make it even easier!


From December through May, SIP Certified experts and staff will host six 30-minute webinars to review 1 to 2 Standards chapters.

Each webinar will be focused on specific chapters, but feel free to bring any questions you have.

We will cover:

  • Tips for achieving certification.
  • How to successfully document the Standards.
  • Answers to your questions (please reference a specific Standard [e.g. 1.2.4])


Once they are scheduled, a Zoom link will be posted to our Events page and SIP Certified Google Calendar.

You’ll get plenty of heads up through:

  • Member Tips eNewsletter (sign up).
  • Database Announcements bubble (tan bubble of text after you log in).

SIP Tip: Integrate the SIP Certified Google Calendar so these and other important SIP Certified dates show up on your calendar!

Each webinar will be recorded and posted to SIP Certified News, and shared through the Member Tips eNewsletter.


Please note, the exact dates will be announced once they are scheduled, and will appear on our Events page:

  • Recording & Resources | Molly Bohlman & Craig Macmillan, Niner Wine Estates - 
    • Chapter 3 - Winery Facility Establishment and Management
    • Chapter 4 - Vineyard Soil Conservation and Surface Water Quality
  • Recording & Resources | Gregg Hibbits, Grapevine Capital
    • Chapter 9 - Pest Management
    • Chapter 11 - Social Equity
  • Recording & Resources | Daryl Salm, Monterey Pacific
    • Chapter 2 - Vineyard Acquisition, Establishment and Management
    • Chapter 10 - Grape Sourcing and Fruit Quality
    • Chapter 12 - Continuing Education
  • Recording & Resources | Bart Haycraft, Jackson Family Wines
    • Chapter 1 - Conservation and Enhancement of Biological Diversity
    • Chapter 7 - Pollution and Waste
  • Recording & Resources | Kevin Bargetto, Center of Effort & Greg Gonzalez, Coastal Vineyard Care Associates
    • Chapter 5 - Water Conservation and Quality
    • Chapter 6 - Energy Conservation and Efficiency
  • REGISTER - May 21: 1:00p - 1:30p | Lucas Pope, Coastal Vineyard Services
    • Chapter 8 - Purchasing, Recycling, and Waste Reduction
    • Chapter 13 - ​Business Management


Whether you’re new to the program, a certification veteran, or working through the Self-Assessment, Office Hours are open to you!