FREE Expo Ticket ($345 value) for Referring a Friend!
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FREE Expo Ticket ($345 value) for Referring a Friend!

January 12


Welcome to the new year and we are excited to launch our SIP Certified referral program. This program aims to bring more people into the SIP Certified community and extend the reach of our program. As you know, the benefits of being a SIP Certified member extend beyond the boundaries of the vineyard and winery and offer a network of resources, tools, and guidance

Our referral program is quite simple. Referring a vineyard or winery who completes the registration process to get certified on or before February 28, 2021 not only offers you a free ticket to the 2021 Sustainable Ag Expo ($345 value) but extends our network to your friends and neighbors. Please have your referral reach directly out to Beth Vukmanic and let them know to mention you as a referral. You’re also welcome to set up the introduction via email or phone. 

Since we consider our SIP Certified members a close-knit association, we welcome your referrals and look forward to growing our sustainability efforts with all of our Members.

About the Sustainable Ag Expo

Discover the latest viticulture research and technology from the world's top experts to help you be competitive in the ever changing business landscape.  Since 2003, the Sustainable Ag Expo has been a leader in providing world-class educational content for farmers, researchers, and consultants. This year's virtual format gives you access to a greater diversity of topics and speakers.