Get in on ReSIProcal February 2023!
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Get in on ReSIProcal February 2023!

October 3


What is ReSIProcal February?

February is typically a slow month for tasting rooms. ReSIProcal February gives any SIP Certified Vineyard or Winery with a tasting room the opportunity to increase tasting room traffic by offering their wine club members two (2) complimentary tastings at any other participating SIP Certified tasting room.

Sell some bottles, gain new wine club members, share your message of sustainability, and connect consumers with other like-minded brands who run their wine business sustainably when you participate in ReSIProcal February!

Here's how it works:

SIP Certified provides participating members with postcards and an email confirmation to send to their wine club members. Wine club members use their postcard or email to claim their two (2) complimentary tastings at any SIP Certified member's tasting room.

How to Participate:

Complete the ReSIProcal February 2023 Participation Form by November 1st to let us know how many postcards you would like, where to send them, and the address(es) of your tasting location(s) to put on the Tasting Locations Map.

But it's only October!

Yes, ReSIProcal February is four months away! One piece of feedback we received on ReSIProcal February 2022 was that our members wished they would have received their postcards before the 2021 holiday season in order to put them in holiday wine club shipments, send announcement and reminder emails, announce their participation on social media, and give their in-person wine tasters ample time to plan their tastings. That's why we're preparing for ReSIProcal February 2023 early!


If you have any questions about ReSIProcal February, please email

Event Page

To see a list of current participants, visit the ReSIProcal February 2023 Event Page. Please share this link with your staff and customers!