Scheduling Inspections: 3 Things You Need to Know
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Scheduling Inspections: 3 Things You Need to Know

posted: January 15, 2024

Inspections for 2024 SIP Certified must be completed between March 15 and July 15, 2024. Do you know how to schedule your inspection?


3 Things You Need to Know:


1. Your Inspection Type

SIP Certified inspections run on a 3-year cycle. Your application requirements differ depending on your inspection type.

Not sure what cycle you’re on this year? Watch this tutorial to find out: Find Your Inspection Type.



2. Your Inspector

Since schedules fill up fast, we recommend getting in touch with a Vineyard and/or Winery inspector from the list of SIP Certified's 3rd-party accredited inspectors as soon as you can.

Work with your inspector to find a date between March 15 and July 15 to complete your inspection.

If you have an onsite inspection, please note that all documentation in the database must be complete prior to your inspection.



3. How to Add Your Inspection to the Database

To ensure you don’t get reminder emails to schedule your inspection once you have coordinated a date with your inspector, please put your inspection details into the database.

Watch this tutorial to learn how.

Now that you know your inspection type, you may be wondering what to expect. Click here to learn more about the different inspection types.