Seasons of Sustainability: Winter
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Seasons of Sustainability: Winter

posted: December 6, 2023

With harvest wrapping up just a few weeks ago, it may not feel like winter is right around the corner! With the shortest day of the year and the cold season fast-approaching, here are some things you can do around your property to prepare:

In the Vineyard

  • Plant cover crops to prevent erosion, help rain penetrate, provide natural fertilizer, and help prevent roots from freezing.
    • SIP Tip: Don't forget to take your winter cover crop photos for Standard 4.2.2!
  • Spread compost to release fertilizer and inoculate the soil with beneficial microorganisms.
  • Prevent erosion with straw or hay bales. 

In the Winery

  • Taste and top tanks and barrels.
  • Update post-fermentation analysis, and regularly monitor Free SO2 and Volatile Acidity levels.
  • Schedule bottling and begin blending trials.
  • Compare water bills and look for increases or abnomalies.


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