The Importance of Sustainable Certification
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The Importance of Sustainable Certification

October 26


As consumers, it is increasingly important to us that we know the origins of what we’re putting into our bodies. The demand for organic food continues to increase and we are keenly aware of the practices of companies thanks to online and social media transparency. In recent years, there’s a need to purchase products from a company that not only has solid environmental practices but is also an overall good organization. Enter sustainability and when it comes to wine, SIP Certified. This program focuses on the  3 P’s of Sustainability; People, Planet, and Prosperity. This holistic approach to running a vineyard and winery accounts for habitat, water, energy, soil, recycling, air quality, packaging, pest management, social equity, and business management.

Laura Boras, General Manager of Riverbench Vineyard and Winery explains the context for purchasing wine with sustainable certification, “I always liken wine to beautiful produce you find at the farmers’ market. It’s often local, responsibly grown, and you meet the person who is behind it. People spend so much time choosing what they eat, but then they plop down a bottle of generic wine thinking it’s just fermented grape juice. Often, it’s not, and having the SIP Certified seal and program helps people choose a wine responsibly instead of just grabbing whatever they see first. I love talking about this because people often see the light. They’re misinformed about what can and does go into commercially produced wines, and it helps them put it in perspective.” Rounding out the meal with sustainable wine makes perfect sense and is a welcome addition to any table or occasion. 

SIP Certified vineyards and wineries go through a yearly audit ensuring that advertised certifications are up-to-date and these businesses are constantly evolving when it comes to sustainable practices. Next time you find yourself shopping for wine, look for a SIP Certified label on the bottle or head here for a complete list of certified businesses.