We know your customers are looking for wines labeled as “sustainable”
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We know your customers are looking for wines labeled as “sustainable”

posted: December 15, 2021

We know your customers are looking for wines labeled as “sustainable”. In a recent systematic review of 30 studies, consumers reported a higher preference for ecolabel and social responsibility labels compared to nutrition labels.

Achieving SIP Certified gives you third-party verification that your vineyard, winery, or wine has adopted and implemented stringent sustainable winemaking and wine growing standards so your customers know that their wine was made with care.

Earning a sustainable certification isn’t just about marketing. Going through the process helps you:

  • Review your whole operation in one place.
  • Learn the latest science-based practices.
  • Find new technology and improve your efficiency.
  • Teach your team members about sustainability.
  • Easily communicate your sustainability with your customers.

With a mission to promote sustainable winegrowing since 1994, we have partnered with tens of thousands of acres and dozens of wineries to implement science-based, real-world practices and we love hearing success stories like:

“By putting our sustainability beliefs into practice, we have the ability to educate the consumer on why sustainability should be a decision-maker in their purchases. SIP Certified makes it easy for us to share this message as they are not only a trusted and credible program, they offer a variety of valuable resources for both the consumers and businesses alike”

- Fintan Du Fresne, Chamisal Vineyards

We want that for you, too. Become a member today and we will work with you through the certification process:

  • Onboarding training for your whole team.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials.
  • Regular communications so you never miss a deadline.
  • Access to viticulture continuing education.

When you achieve SIP Certified you know that you are part of a rigorous sustainable vineyard, winery, and wine program with strict, non-negotiable standards based on science and expert input, independent verification, transparency, and absence of conflict of interest. Join our members today as we positively impact more vineyards, wineries, eco-systems, and communities.