3 Eco Buzzwords You Didn't Know Are Sustainable
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3 Eco Buzzwords You Didn't Know Are Sustainable

January 8


The sustainable winegrowing community is growing!

Its members are here because they believe in the cause. They value our planet and its human and natural resources. They know that through sustainable agriculture practices, we have the power to improve the health of the people and the planet now and into the future.

There are a lot of buzzwords today surrounding eco-friendly production:

  • Regenerative
  • Sustainable
  • Climate smart
  • Carbon footprint
  • Social equity

Did you know that the sustainable winegrowing community touches all of these points?

1. Regenerative.

From the block to the bottle, making wine is a science. Growers and vintners alike must understand and work with nature to make a quality product, and sustain their business for years to come.

That’s why sustainable winegrowers use practices that protect and regenerate natural resources:

  • Enhance soil health and biodiversity by planting cover crops and using compost and biochar.
  • Support native wildlife species by preserving a portion of the property as non-cropped land.
  • Reduce pesticide use by attracting birds of prey and beneficial insects.

2. Climate Smart.

From the fuel and batteries that run vineyard equipment, to the electric pumps and motors at work in the winery, to the electricity that power the buildings, it takes energy to make a bottle of wine!

Reducing reliance on nonrenewable energy helps to combat climate change. Sustainable winegrowers and winemakers do this by:

  • Using equipment that covers multiple rows to reduce tractor passes.
  • Improving insulation of buildings and winery tanks to regulate temperature and reduce energy demand.
  • Utilizing natural light, energy-efficient bulbs, and motion-detecting lighting in buildings to reduce electricity demand.

3. Social Equity.

Sustainable wine businesses know that people are our most valuable resource. It’s common practice for them to:

  • Provide competitive pay and medical insurance.
  • Have a communication plan to reach neighbors and the community at large.
  • Give back to their communities through charitable donations, volunteer work, and hosting educational events.

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