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Business: Niner Wine Estates

September 22


A successful business does more than sell a great product. Companies that embrace the Business value of sustainability treat their employees and the community with care and respect.

In addition to feeling good about doing good, businesses that practice corporate social responsibility also:

  • Enhance customer loyalty and invite customers to share in the good feelings that come from good deeds (Forbes, 2022).
  • Appeal to prospectus employees and strengthen current employees’ satisfaction and performance (CR Strategies, 2009).
  • Expand their network and build their company image (Forbes, 2022).

Looking for ways to engage your brand with your community?
Read on to learn how the whole team at Niner Wine Estates is involved in giving back.

Business at Niner Wine Estates

Sharing their prosperity with the community is one of the ways Niner Wine Estates embodies the Business value of sustainability.

Andrew Niner, President and CEO, is a board member of MUST! Charities, and believes in supporting the community through charitable donations.

Over the last 3 years, the Paso Robles, California based winery has donated an average of $245,000 annually to charities through a linked foundation.

Annual donations of $2,000 per employee go to a charity of the employee’s choice, and their own personal donations are matched by the company.

Staff are further involved in community support efforts through monthly meal preparations and servings to people experiencing food insecurity.

Niner Wine Estates actively engages in research to ensure the long-term sustainability of the natural resources they and their neighbors rely on.

They are participating in a study of local hydrology facilitated by the United States Geologic Survey. The project goal is to improve understanding of how water moves in the Adeladia Area water basin so that groundwater resources can be quantified and monitored.

Good for the Community, Good for Business

If you are looking for ways to get your brand involved with your community, here are a few ideas:

  • Donate to local charity programs.
    • Looking for a charitable cause that gives back to the wine industry? The Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship helps the children of California’s vineyard and winery workers pay for higher education at trade schools and colleges. Click here to learn how to get involved.
  • Contribute goods/services to local events.
  • Get involved with local soup kitchens by donating food or volunteering.

People want to support businesses that share their values.
Are you talking about how your brand values protect the people and the planet?

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