It's here! A brand new online course for your staff
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It's here! A brand new online course for your staff

July 12


It’s here!

The simple yet powerful tool to help you and your staff tell your Sustainable Story – the brand new, 30-minute online training course.

Your brand has made the incredible achievement of getting SIP Certified but your staff may not be sure exactly what that means, let alone how to communicate it with customers.

This course helps your team learn what sustainability really looks like in the wine industry, identify 7 specific ways YOUR brand protects the people and the planet, and feel empowered to share their new knowledge in customer communications.

Click here to take the course.

The simple, yet powerful tool

Training for the whole team

Bring the worksheet to your next staff meeting, put the training course on a screen, and go through it together.
SIP Tip: We recommend you invite your farmer, winemaker, general manager, and any other key staff so they can tell you all about specific sustainable practices.

Got remote employees? No problem!

Sign in to your virtual meeting platform, share your screen, and watch the course together.
Worksheet for Print | Worksheet for Electronic Filling


Use this course in your onboarding to help familiarize your new staff with your brand’s values.
3 steps for in-person onboarding:

  1. Have a team meeting & talk about sustainability.
  2. Send your new hire off to do the course.
  3. Meet again to finalize your Sustainable Story.

SIP Tip: record yourself going through the course and include it in your onboarding packet.

Use storytelling to sell more wine!

Research out of Penn State University revealed that customers were willing to pay more for a bottle of wine after learning about specific sustainable practices and why they’re important.

Let us know what you think

This course will evolve with time, and with your feedback!

Once you have completed the course, please take 3 minutes to complete the survey.

We would love to hear what you think.