Labeling for Sustainability - Do Customers Care?
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Labeling for Sustainability - Do Customers Care?

September 20


Fair Trade, Organic, Sustainable… the list of product labeling consumers are faced with is growing and the question is, “Do they care?” The good news is, the answer is a resounding “YES”. Seeing products on shelves labeled “sustainable” is an increasingly desirable attribute for consumers. These kinds of labels, better known as “ecolabels” in the marketplace, are almost the norm for most CPG (consumer packaged goods) products looking to stand out on the shelf. 

In a recent systematic review of 30 studies, consumers reported a higher preference for ecolabel and social responsibility labels compared to nutrition labels.

According to a recent survey by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), nearly two-thirds of Americans (60%) want sustainability / environmental-related information on product labels.

Environmental Scientist and Stanford professor Eric Lambin points out how ecolabels are essential because “there’s a very short supply chain linking the producer to the consumer. So the pressure from the consumers on retailers — and therefore on the whole supply chain — is much more direct, and there’s a greater incentive for producers to make this claim of sustainability.”  This transparency in the supply chain and with your product provides a personal connection that aligns with the consumer’s values.

Add a Sustainable Label to Your Wine 

Did you know you can put the SIP logo directly on your labels? Once your wine is on a shelf or out into the world without your ability to talk about it, the label serves as the mouthpiece for your brand, ethos, and practices. Affixing the logo to your label helps your brand stand out from the rest as well as provides a conversation piece when consumers share your wines amongst friends and family.

How it Works

  • Certify any wine made with at least 85% SIP Certified fruit (estate or purchased).
  • Wines can be certified at any time during the year.
  • Inspector reviews block to bottle documentation for 20% of the applied-for wines.
  • Email Beth at to get started today.