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Let's Ship this SIP

July 24


Training Topic #1

If you are as organized as Marie Kondo you probably have all your ducks in a row with your upcoming fall shipment. Your wines are selected, party  planned, shipment dates scheduled; what could possibly be missing?
Could it be engaging, educational, and emotionally resonating content complete with inserts for your newsletter? 

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate SIP Certified into your Fall Shipment:

  • FREE Owl Inserts Order!
    • This piece not only highlights the rigorous program, it will also introduce them to SIP Certified branding, and the new green seal, which customers will likely see in their local markets.  Additionally, this insert looks like you did a lot of work, but really all you had to do was email Beth and pop them in your boxes.
  • Article on Your Sustainable Practices - Include an article in your newsletter that highlights your rationale behind making wine sustainably. Showcase an interview with your Vineyard Manager which highlights their work in the vineyard to maintain SIP Certified’s rigorous process.
  • Create a contest!  At the end of your newsletter, ask readers if they can identify how many times SIP Certified was mentioned. If they provide the correct answer; offer a prize. Perhaps an additional wine discount, a complimentary pairing in the tasting room, or one of those logoed tchotchke’s you are trying to get rid of from last year? This idea also will let you know if your customers are reading the letter….

Fall is the perfect time to (re)introduce your members to SIP Certified. All the work leading up to this time of year; farm management, employee education, water and energy conservation, impact what will ultimately be in your consumers bottle. An informed customer is a happy customer. How impactful if they can truly understand how their purchasing power directly impacts the environment?

Erin du Fresne and Cara Simpson, the wine club team from Ancient Peaks Winery, agree that connecting your wine club to SIP Certified is advantageous.

“Re-introducing members to our commitment to sustainability is always a great idea, we realize that new members may not know we are certified! The wine club newsletter is a perfect opportunity to introduce our members and guests to our sustainable practices in the vineyard. There is no time like the present to start the discussion.” says du Fresne.

Thanks for reading our email on leveraging SIP Certified in your upcoming shipment. We hope you are able to incorporate some of these ideas this fall, but honestly you can use them anytime you need content.

We look forward to next months’ topic: YOUR SIP BETTER STINK.

Until then remember, SIP HAPPENS!


The goal of this series is to educate winery hospitality and sales professionals in a quick and simple way on how being SIP Certified can support you, in turn raising your customers awareness on what makes SIP Certified members so special, and ultimately increasing your sales and brand loyalty.

The program will deliver 10 topics over the course of the next 10 months, to give you new ideas (ways to market sustainability…). To add your team members emails to our list please visit:

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If you are new to the industry, we hope this series will be fresh and educational. If you are a wine veteran, our goal is to provide some refresher ideas to expand on your current set of tools.

As a SIP Certified  member, we realize you have many outstanding achievements and stories to tell about your brand, and we know it isn’t only about SIP Certified… however if you incorporate sustainability into your communication and sales strategy we are confident it’s a win(e)-win(e) for everyone!