SIP Buzzwords for Your Consumer-Facing Staff
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SIP Buzzwords for Your Consumer-Facing Staff

December 30


Your efforts to become SIP Certified and maintain certification is an impressive feat that should be broadcast! We believe your consumer-facing staff should feel empowered to speak to your clientele about your sustainable practices in the vineyard and the winery. That's why we have put together 6 SIP Buzzwords to introduce to your consumer-facing staff to use as talking points during tastings, phone calls, emails, or any other sales interaction. These words can be used as jump-offs to a larger conversation relative to your sustainable practices, or just serve as conversational anecdotes when faced with questions about your involvement in SIP Certified.

Follow us @sipcertified on Instagram and Facebook, where we will be posting three Buzzwords per week! The posts will go into more detail about each of the 6 SIP Buzzwords, providing more information for your staff and opening the door for more conversation about your Sustainable Practices.