The Art of Emotional Appeal: Tips for Effective Marketing Campaigns
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The Art of Emotional Appeal: Tips for Effective Marketing Campaigns

February 1


You may be wondering, what do emotions have to do with simple, everyday decisions? It turns out, quite a lot!

A 2023 Wine Glass Marketing (WGM) blog post points to Harvard Business School professor Gerard Zaltman’s findings that 95% of our purchase decisions comes from our subconscious, emotional brain.

Leveraging common psychological triggers in your marketing can help drive more sales!

In this Marketing Tip, we’ll help you identify how your brand elicits positive emotions, and what you can do with that information.

Positive Emotional Triggers in Marketing

Think about some of the things that give you positive emotions:

  • Recognition: either for something you did, or for just being you!
  • Achievement: completing a task, winning a game or raffle, etc.
  • Engagement: in an activity or setting, whether solo or social.

From a marketing perspective, these can be achieved by:

  • Personal communications with wine club members and regular visitors.
  • Recommending products based on previous likes.
  • Rewards programs, punch cards, discounts for special occasions, etc.
  • Fostering an environment that aligns with your customer base:
    • Soft background music versus upbeat dance tunes.
    • Dim, romantic lighting for intimate conversations versus areas to play.

Can you think of more ways to elicit positive emotions from your members and visitors?

A Personalized Approach

Since every wine club is unique, how you use these tips must be tailored to your specific brand.

Start by gathering data: How do people engage with your brand?

  • Check out the click rates of your club emails. Which links get the most attention?
  • Look at your tasting room traffic. Who is there, and what do they tend to do?
  • What kind of social media posts get the most engagement? The ones that showcase the views, animals, events, or staff at your property?

Then, ask yourself if you can infer their possible motivations. Are your guests looking for:

  • An opportunity to score a deal on their favorite wine.
  • The sense of connection that comes from being engaged with your brand.
  • A social event or place to interact with others.
  • Information about your products and/or processes.

Take everything you’ve gathered from this exercise and think of ways to shift your current marketing efforts to include more of what gives your customer-base positive emotions.

Share Your Message of Sustainability!

Talking about how you create high-quality wines with grapes that were farmed sustainably is a great way to bond with your customers.

Need an easy-to-use format to identify the ways your brand helps protect the people and the planet? Use the 7 Values worksheet!

Complete the worksheet as a team so everyone is ready to share your message of sustainability.

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