We’re in Deep #SIP
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We’re in Deep #SIP

October 17


As social media becomes more integral to your brand’s success SIP Certified would like to discuss ways to increase followers and engagement on Instagram and Facebook. Tugging at someone’s emotions is one of the best ways to capture smiley face emoji’s and shares, so posting images and using hash tags which highlight a better planet for future generations is a topic that elicits our insides to feel warm and fuzzy.

Driving Content

Even though the juice from your press might be flowing, this isn’t always the case for your creativity. If social media has you in the dumps here are tools that can help.

  • Tag Us! @sipcertified, #sipcertified, #sipyourbestlife
  • Join the #VERB + SUSTAINABILITY marketing campaign:
    • Post a pic + #drinksustainably, #farmsustainably, #irrigatesustainably, #boccesustainably, #hammocksustainably, #hostsustainably… What are you or your customers doing that is sustainable? We want to see.
  • Use the Seasonal Sustainability Tool and post about what you are doing this time of year to be sustainable. This easy guide gives you ideas for seasonal posts.
  • Host an employee meeting to share your brand marketing strategy and show a video on how to take the best images. Then entice employees to deliver content by providing an incentive.


SIP’s social media calendar is full, with posts occurring 4 to 6 times per week; in other words, @SIPCertified is in deep #SIP. We consistently feature our member brands and the staff behind the magic. Are you engaging in the conversation? Here is sage advice from social media expert, Heather Daenitz from Craft & Cluster:

Keep in mind that social media is meant to be social. Instagram rewards accounts that actively and frequently engage on social media by showing their posts to more people.  I recommend engaging at least fifteen minutes per day, especially around the time that you have made a post. Spend 5 minutes responding to stories, 5 minutes engaging on your feed, and 5 minutes commenting on posts under niche hashtags (hashtags with fewer than 500k posts to them). Examples of niche hashtags would be #santabarbarawinecountry #sanluisobispowinecountry #pasowinecountry #Sustainablewine. Think about the kind of hashtags your ideal customer would be using or searching. Those are the hashtags you should be using and engaging with.

Digital Ads

SIP has worked closely over the years with our Branding Committee to determine the best use of our marketing dollars. One of these initiatives includes funds for targeted location specific digital ads in markets where wineries are setting up retail displays. For example, when a distributor sets up and tags a SIP retail display in New Jersey, we will deliver a SIP ad to our demographic within a certain radius to that specific store. Please share this news with your sales force!

Words of the Wise

To leave you all with another tip from Heather

The biggest thing to remember about social media is that people aren't there to be sold to.  They are there for one of three things; to be entertained, informed, or to create a connection. Whenever you are creating a post, it should be doing one of those three things, bonus points if you can do all three!