Wine Pairings for all Seasons
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Wine Pairings for all Seasons

January 12


In the Spring of 2020, SIP Certified was slated to an intimate wine pairing meal with Chef Ian Adamo of Paso Robles. Of course, things changed and the meal pivoted to a virtual event, allowing Adamo the ability to provide more options for pairings based on the amount of time and money one has to put together a meal with wine. The concept is truly evergreen with wineries able to use these pairing suggestions throughout the year. Developing recipes to pair with your wines creates another medium for your customers to interact and appreciate your wines.

Be it through social media channels, email messaging, or through printed collateral, let these pairings be a resource for for your own content pieces: 


Simple Family Meal

Snack Pairing

Dinner Pairing

Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay Waffles Strawberry Yogurt Smoked Artichokes and Duck Confit
Central Coast Chardonnay Chicken Noodle Soup Hummus and Crackers Poached Egg with Mushrooms
Brut Rosé/Sparkling Grilled Cheese Sandwich Chips! (with Guacamole or dip of your choice) Belini with Smoked Salmon Canelles
Pinot Noir (cooler climate) English Muffin Pizza Preserved Cherries Salmon with Lentils Smoked Sea Salt

Syrah (cooler climate)


Smoked Jerky

Duck Breast with Cherries
Pinot Noir (full bodied) Salmon Sandwich and Dill Triscuits Butternut Squash Soup with Vanilla
Cabernet Sauvignon Hamburger with Cheddar Cheese and Tomatoes Chocolate Brownies Steak with 3 kinds of Blue Cheese and Orange Confit