Your SIPping Peers' Pride in Being Certified
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Your SIPping Peers' Pride in Being Certified

December 2


By attaining SIP Certified, you show that you successfully implement some of the strictest standards in sustainable winegrowing – not every winegrower has what it takes to get SIP Certified. As a SIP Certified winegrower, you can take pride in the knowledge that your practices are proven to help protect the people and the planet.

You are part of the over 46,000 vineyards and 5 wineries that are SIP Certified, and can add your wine to the collection of over 55 million bottles of wine that bear the SIP Certified seal.

Your SIPping Peers' Pride in Being Certified


“It's been great to be a participant this year in the various seminars you and your team organized. I have learned a TON and have put it to great use, not only in describing our winery’s commitment to sustainability but also in telling part of our story in the tasting room. You folks do a great job.”
- John Gayley, Center of Effort

"By putting our sustainability beliefs into practice (at Chamsial Vineyard), we have the ability to help educate the consumer on why sustainability should be a decision maker in their purchases. SIP Certified makes it easy for us to share this message as they are not only a trusted and credible program, they offer a variety of valuable resources for both consumers and businesses alike."
- Fintan Du Fresne


“It’s important to me to be a conscientious member of our community, and the SIP Certified program is a comprehensive process that demonstrates our dedication to people, our land, and our vines. Our customers are excited for us to have achieved this certification, but it’s been our neighborhood that has been most appreciative. We had a small SIP celebration with them to share what the certification means, and they are all thankful that we are striving to protect our shared resources.”
- Melani Harding, Bon Niche Cellars

"Getting SIP Certified is a bear in the first year. It will require you to pull together a lot of records that you have (or should have). After the first year, it is much easier! There is a major sense of accomplishment when you get your certification. You realize how difficult documenting your practices is, but when it is all over, you have a great feeling of being a responsible vineyard."
 Lowell Zelinski, Precision Ag Consulting


"We began participating in SIP Certifed from day one, frankly because it is the right thing to do. In a down market, we were able to sell our grapes 80% above the open market because of SIP. It's like getting paid to do the right thing."
- Lino Bozzano, Vit Comp

“I know for a fact that this [third-party verification] is a HUGE selling point for our wines and it also gives the media an extra topic of discussion that they and their audience can sink their teeth into. For us, it’s been an extra paragraph or two in the magazines or another five minutes on the radio.”
- Adam LaZarre, Director of Winemaking, Wine Hooligans

“More and more, we’re being asked about our sustainability efforts in the vineyard and winery. Being SIP Certified is an easy way for us to quantify our practices and tell the consumer and trade about how we run our operation in a way that’s better for the land, the wine, and the community.”
- Austin Hope, Hope Family Wines

Next Steps to Maintain SIP Certified

Submit your Year-End reports through the Database by December 15th to complete SIP Certified for your 2022 vintage.

Here is what's due:

  • Vineyards
    • 9.1.2 Pesticide Use Reports (July - Nov.)
    • Chapter 14 Year-End Water and Nitrogen Use Reports (tutorials)
  • Wineries
    • 11.3.4 noise testing (every three years)

Please note applicants are subject to a late fee ($250-$500) for documentation received by the inspector after the January 2, 2023 deadline.