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Blueberries and Ghosts

Andy Niner

Andy Niner

Niner Wine Estates - Owner

The outline for Andy Niner’s unwritten biography goes something like this: Connecticut Childhood; College in Maine; Boston Finance; SLO Shades; Berkeley MBA; San Francisco Levis; and Makin’ Wine in California. This last section started in 2013 when Andy took over his family’s winery in Paso Robles. Armed with the conviction that quality mattered, the team at Niner Wine Estates has systematically replaced and upgraded vineyards, expanded the winery’s sustainable farming and winemaking programs, and created a reserve line of wines to showcase incredible fruit from their three estate vineyards. In 2014, Niner opened a restaurant at the winery followed by a Chef’s Garden, an estate olive oil brand, a barrel-aged coffee program and a chicken coop for farm-fresh eggs. In 2016, Niner became the first winery to receive the SIP Certified Sustainable Winery designation. Beyond work, Andy enjoys hiking, climbing, skiing, backpacking, cooking and hitting the farmers market with daughter Cora.


“My daughter Cora has a sixth sense for wine. She says our Malbec smells like blueberries and ghosts.”