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Erin Amaral

Erin Amaral

Pacific Coast Farming - Vineyard Manager

Born and raised on an almond ranch in Crows Landing, California, Erin Amaral is no stranger to peace and quiet and she enjoys taking time to savor the silence. While attending Cal Poly SLO, she studied Agriculture and opted for life in the vineyard, “I fell in love with farming vineyards;  there is so much you can do with a vine that translates into wine quality.” Erin emanates a calm, intentional tone. It’s easy to understand how nature and enjoying tranquil surroundings is what keeps Erin balanced and motivated.

Erin finds her solace in the isolation of backpacking. “Technology is coming at us constantly so I enjoy disconnecting from the hustle and bustle, hearing my thoughts, and getting in touch with myself by connecting to nature.” During yearly trips to Yosemite, Erin takes time to explore the wilderness and her thoughts. Yosemite is such an inspiration to her and her partner that they decided to get married on one of their favorite trails. Traversing the Sierras inspires them to seek more adventures, carve out time to do research, and physically prepare for hikes by utilizing the bevvy of trails near their Central Coast home.

Erin’s travels aren’t limited to the Sierras and she’s added some bucket list hikes to her repertoire like Havasu Falls near the Grand Canyon. She also discovered a fondness for Oregon. After a road trip she fell in love with the diverse terrain of the rugged coast and majestic mountains, not to mention the plentiful Oregon breweries and Portland culinary scene.

She brings the peace of nature to her own backyard in Grover Beach by cultivating milkweed to attract beautiful Monarch Butterflies during their season. It’s small meditative activities like gardening and hiking that keep Erin grounded.

“It’s important for me to rejuvenate with quiet in order to take on my next big project or task. If you don’t recharge, you’ll never be at your best.”