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Inspection Type

March 3, 2016

Start documenting the Standards now so you are ready for your inspection between June 1 and July 15, 2019. Documentation should reflect practices from December 1, 2018 up until the June 1/July 15, 2019 inspection unless otherwise specified in the question. Find your 2017 inspection type:

  1. Login at
  2. Click Certifications
  3. Look under the Type column
    • Full (Cycle Year 1) = complete all Standards documentation and onsite inspection
    • D for Documentation (Cycle Year 2 or 3) = complete Standards marked “D”
    • D+O for Documentation and Onsite (Cycle Year 2 or 3) = complete Standards marked “D” and “D+O” and onsite inspection
    • All properties should complete new Standards marked with a “!”

Properties randomly selected for a Documentation and Onsite inspection are posted. All other Cycle 2 and 3 properties (except for cycle 2 and 3 renewals that received either a documentation and onsite or impromptu in the past 6 years) are eligible for the impromptu, onsite inspection (minimum 48 hour notice) so we recommend reviewing Standards marked D and D+O. Please review the Information Package for inspection details.