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Sustainability is not a Trend

August 14, 2015

Sustainability is not a trend, it is becoming a cultural shift.

– Natural Marketing Institute

SIP Certification has authenticated sustainable vineyard farming practices throughout California since 2008 for small and large organizations alike. SIP Certified sets the gold standard for sustainability with independently verified, practice-based rules addressing the entire farm from habitat conservation to air quality; water conservation to energy efficiency; economic stability to care of farmworkers.

As demand for eco-friendly products increases with consumers, environmentally aware restaurants, and retailers such as Whole Foods, the SIP Certified seal provides a communication piece letting customers know they are buying sustainable wines that give back to the land and community.

SIP Certified vineyards and wines are setting the gold standard for natural and human resource protection by:

  • Maintaining a rigorous threshold for eligibility
  • Requiring third-party inspection
  • Ensuring program transparency
  • Addressing social responsibility
  • Prohibiting high risk pesticides
  • Incorporating public comment

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