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Twitter #Winechat on Wednesday

February 4, 2013
Twitter #winechat


This Wednesday, February 6, SIP (Sustainability in Practice) will be the topic on Twitter’s #winechat from 6 – 7pm PST. If you’ve never partaken in a Twitter chat it’s quite simple, all you have to do is follow the #winechat hashtag and jump into the conversation. It wouldn’t hurt to have a bottle of SIP Certified wine with you as the conversation is happening although that is not a requirement.

These chats are a great way to meet new people, learn about a new topic, and the coolest thing is that your current level of wine knowledge (or lack thereof) does not matter at all. That’s one thing about #winechat that I have always appreciated, there is no judgment made on a person’s level of wine knowledge.

If you have any questions at all, go to Twitter and engage with @SIPtheGoodLife, @krazy_kris, or @MatthewLiberty. You can also engage with any of the wineries on this list  that may be active on Twitter.

We hope to see you Wednesday in the virtual world to talk about SIP and enjoy another lively #winechat!