Can your team talk about sustainability?
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Can your team talk about sustainability?

August 25


Does your team understand what sustainable winegrowing is? Can they talk with your clientele about your brand's SIP Certified sustainable status? Have them go through the SIP Smart Training course to learn the basics of sustainability and the SIP Certified Program! It only takes about 30 minutes, and they will come out of the course with a better understanding of what it means to be SIP Certified.

Here's what they'll learn in the course:

What is SIP Certified?

The SIP Smart course starts with a quick background on Vineyard Team's Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certified program. This introduction will set the foundation for your team's understanding of what your certification represents.

Experience The 3 Ps of Sustainability

The SIP Certified Standards cover nearly 200 practices that protect the people and the planet. How do the hundreds of SIP Certified members implement these practices at their unique properties? In this part of the SIP Smart course, we interview six SIP Certified members to find out!

  • Scheid Vineyards wanted to ensure their community had a place to get together and engage in community activity. Greg Gonzalez tells us about how they had part of their vineyard removed and transformed into a soccer complex for the community.
  • The subject of water conservation is huge in agriculture! Steve McIntyre of Monterey Pacific gives a quick lesson on moisture monitoring practices to determine when and how much to irrigate winegrape vines.
  • Have you ever seen a falconer at work? Here's your chance! In this video interview, Jake Messinger shows us how one man and one falcon can safely and humanely move thousands of starlings off vineyard properties.
  • Wondering about how sustainable vines are managed to produce high-quality grapes? Mark Pisoni takes a truly curated approach to each individual vine at Pisoni Vineyards to decide what nutrients, pest management, and farming practices to use to ensure each plant grows the highest quality grapes.
  • Reducing global warming emissions is a goal of every sustainable business. Samantha Aguilar shows us solar panels at Cambria Estate Winery that are used to provide, store, and introduce energy back into the grid.
  • Now that we know how each individual vine is assessed, Mark Pisoni comes back to talk about the big picture of sustainable farming! Pisoni Vineyards' conservation plan looks at the entire ranch as a whole unit -- not just the areas under cultivation.

Consumer Research

Studies continue to show that consumers are seeking sustainable, ethically produced goods and services more than ever before. In this part of the SIP Smart course, your team can learn about recent research projects that gave us insights into how to help increase consumer awareness of sustainable wines. Are you talking about your sustainable efforts?

Get Your Certificate!

The SIP Smart course concludes with a brief quiz that will help test your team's new SIP Certified knowledge. Everyone who passes gets a certificate to show that they truly are SIP Smart!

Why Stop Here?

We've collected additional resources for you to share with your team to help them feel empowered to talk about your brand's SIP Certified status with your clientele.

Electronic resources

Sustainability in Action Training Events

Want to learn how to talk about sustainability with your customers? There is one more Sustainability in Action training event for 2022! Click the image for event details and registration.


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