Social Media & Sustainability Webinar Recap
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Social Media & Sustainability Webinar Recap

April 22


As consumer demand for sustainably produced products grows, SIP Certified shows that winegrowers use practices that protect the people and planet so their customers know that their wine was made with care. Sustainability looks at the three P’s: People, Planet, Prosperity.

Your suitability is a part of your story and in this webinar we had two incredible presenters give social media tips on how to share the stories of the people making and enjoying your wines.

Heather Daenitz is a social media marketer extraordinaire and content creator for a number of wineries on the Central Coast. Beginning her career in the vineyard, Heather understands the story of block to bottle and all of the content opportunities in between, and runs a successful creative firm Craft & Cluster.

South African native Simonne Mitchelson is an accomplished industry professional with experience in both hemispheres, starting her career in New Zealand and eventually working in Sonoma at Obsidian Ridge and Flowers Winery. Experienced in both the production and sales and marketing side of wine, Simonne is now the South Coast Estate Manager for Jackson Family Wines.

Here are some tips from the webinar:

  • Diversity, inclusion, and social equity are not trends, they are essential for the long term health and sustainability of our communities and the planet.
  • In the short term: diversity affects your bottom line. By attracting more people, you have the potential to increase revenue.


  • Understanding who your target audience is and where they are spending time on social media.
  • Look at the media your audience consumes and emulate it authentically.
    • Partner on live videos with accounts that have parallel audiences.
    • Use targeted hashtags. Find these by looking at the hashtags your top engagers follow.
    • Instagram Reels are great for Millennials and Gen Z.
    • Remember why people are on social media and make sure your post is either educating, entertaining or engaging (the human connection is perfect for this).

Customer Loyalty:

  • Consistency is essential to the consumer. 
  • Set specific days of the week/month that you’ll do certain things and stick to it! For example, Tablas Creek goes live every Wednesday. Craft & Cluster releases a podcast episode every Monday. 
  • Respond to comments, DMs, and tags on a daily basis is a great way to build trust amongst your audience.

Transparency & Authenticity:

  • Educate on your sustainability efforts (including social equity) by telling your story in all channels. Here are just a few ideas:
    • Share your ongoing Diversity & Inclusion Education
    • Educate on winemaking (and be transparent about how the wine is being made)
    • Video farming practices

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