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June 18


In an effort to broaden brand awareness for SIP Certified, we engaged social media influencers in Q1 and Q2 of 2021. These campaigns were an incredible way to educate consumers about the benefits of purchasing SIP Certified wines and helped destill the messaging of sustainability down to digestible language via Instagram influencers. While the concept of working with influencers may sound intimidating to some, we can assure you that with clear goals and succinct calls to action, the process is super rewarding and for DTC sales can be very lucrative.

Creating a budget, establishing goals, brand parameters, and tracking engagement are the key elements in an influencer campaign. Any reputable influencer will have a rate sheet complete with their prices for different types of posts as well as their average engagement rates and demographic reach. This is important for your brand as the reach should be successful and align with your existing or aspirational customer. Setting brand parameters is important so the influencer’s messaging is in line with your existing brand guidelines and feel.

Some highlights from our influencer campaigns:

The Millennial Somm was an absolute delight and not only did we work with her on static posts, but also participated in one of her reoccuring Instagram Live episodes.


Educational and to the point, we had a blast working with Andrea as she builds her following and finds her voice in the conscious wine community.


A post shared by Andrea Latelier (@masvinoplease)


Mike Cano aka Latinx Wines used his creative mind to pair wine with a recipe, doubling down on his content.


Extending our reach to Texas, we engaged an influencer in the Austin area. 


What You Can Do Next:

Here are some ways you can engage with your consumers and us as we all share our dedication to protecting natural and human resources: