The Por Vida Foundation | Oso Libre's Sustainable Story
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The Por Vida Foundation | Oso Libre's Sustainable Story

April 17


Businesses are vital contributors to the communities they serve. Beyond stimulating the economy and creating jobs, many business owners go the extra mile by creating a meaningful philanthropy program. Their efforts profoundly impact facets of the community that need support the most.

Meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies give businesses the opportunity to connect with community members, improve company culture, and cultivate consumer trust, all while doing good for causes they believe in.

This week’s Marketing Tip tells the Sustainable Story of how Oso Libre demonstrates tremendous Social Responsibility through the Por Vida Foundation.

Supporting 4 Worthy Causes

Oso Libre’s founders, Chris and Linda, started the Por Vida Foundation in 2011 to support causes that are near and dear to their hearts.

By using funding streams from multiple winery activities, they support:

  • Veteran service groups
  • Women’s cancer research
  • Animal support groups
  • Children and family support groups

This means that Oso Libre’s guests and customers are giving back to these deserving causes, too!

The proceeds from many weekend tasting fees and private events at Oso Libre are turned into charitable donations through the Por Vida Foundation.

In the tasting room, the Votive Candle Offering welcomes visitors to light a candle and use the offering box to support these causes.

Proceeds from sales of their Solera wine bottles are also donated. This is a special blend that the winery makes every year. It is treated like a growler at a brewery: Members can bring their empty bottle back to the winery to have it filled with the latest vintage.

Their foundation is a tool to help them give back and inspire their supporters to join in the good feeling of philanthropy.

Sustainable Stories 2024

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