Mark Your Calendar!
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Mark Your Calendar!

December 12


As you prepare for certification this year, here are some deadlines to add to your calendar.

  • March 15 - July 15: Vineyard and Winery Inspections.
  • July 25: Inspection reports received past this date are subject to late fees ($250-$500).
  • August: Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) votes on eligibility.
  • Late August: Notification of eligibility.
  • September/October: After certification is finalized with the payment of fees, you will receive a certification letter, certificate, marketing materials, and property sign (new applicants).
  • December 1: Renew your certification (takes less than 5 minutes!).
  • December 15:
    • Vineyards
      •  9.1.2 Pesticide Use Reports (July – Nov.).
      • Chapter 14 Year-End Water and Nitrogen Use Reports.
    • Wineries
      • 11.3.4 Noise Testing (every three years).
  • January 6: December documentation received by the inspector after this date is subject to late fees ($250-$500).

Get the Calendar

  • Web Calendar – follow the link and click “+GoogleCalendar” on the bottom right to add to your calendar.
  • PDF Calendar – download, save or print the year-at-a-glance calendar.


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