SIP Certified Tools to Train Your Staff
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SIP Certified Tools to Train Your Staff

December 7


The number of winery businesses has grown, on average, 4.5% each year for the past five years, with over 7600 wineries currently operating in 2022. Among the dizzying sea of wine options, your sustainable certification differentiates your brand! This is why training your staff to talk about your brand's value of sustainability is just as important as training them to talk about your wine selection.

We have a plethora of resources to help you train and educate your team on sustainability and the SIP Certified program.


Share these infographics with your team to get them familiar with sustainable concepts and empower them to talk about sustainability in the tasting room:


SIP Smart Course

Want to help your staff understand SIP Certified in only 30 minutes? Have them complete the SIP Smart Training course! They will come out of the course with a better understanding of sustainability and what it means to be SIP Certified.

Tasting Room Trainings

Want to train your team all at once and have the opportunity to ask questions to SIP Certified staff? Email to set up a tasting room team training! We will come to your tasting room with a presentation that goes over sustainability as a whole and the SIP Certified program, as well as give tips for your staff to incorporate the message of your brand’s sustainability in their tastings.

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The best way to learn our latest tips to help you leverage sustainability in your marketing efforts is to sign up for our Marketing Tips eNewsletter. It goes out every second and fourth Thursday of the month, and covers topics like:

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