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Tools to Help You Share Your Story

January 4


Customer loyalty is built through an alignment of values. Sharing your dedication to protecting the people and the planet through your sustainable winegrowing practices is a great way to connect with consumers on a personal level.

The 2021 Sustainable Market Share Index found that sustainability-marked products were responsible for a third of the growth in consumer packaged goods from 2015 to 2021, and market share growth continues year over year.

Simon-Kutcher & Partners' 2021 Global Sustainability Study shows that 63% of consumers have made modest to significant shifts toward being more sustainable in the past five years.

It's clear: consumers are looking for and purchasing sustainable products! Are you marketing your sustainable wine as such?

Certify Your Wines

Any wine made with at least 85% SIP Certified fruit -- estate or purchased -- can bear the SIP Certified seal. All you need to do is complete a Wine Application and send it to a Wine Inspector. The inspection is all done remotely via email exchange of chain of custody documentation. Click here to learn more.

Get in on ReSIProcal February

February is typically a slow month for tasting rooms. Every year, ReSIProcal February gives any SIP Certified Vineyard or Winery with a tasting room the opportunity to increase tasting room traffic by offering their wine club members two (2) complimentary tastings at any other participating SIP Certified tasting room.

Sell some bottles, gain new wine club members, share your message of sustainability, and connect consumers with other like-minded brands who run their wine business sustainably when you participate in ReSIProcal February!

Click here to learn more.

Promotional Wine Media Shipments

We partner with social media influencers like Jerry James Stone, the Millennial Somm, and Christy on the Vine, to spread the message of your business’s sustainability efforts. Watch for opportunities to send samples of your wines. This program helps us share the message of sustainability with their extensive audiences. Your brand could be next!

Use the GIPHYs!

Have you seen the SIP Certified GIPHYs? They’re adorable animated stickers that can be used in your Instagram stories and Snapchat content to remind your audience that you protect the people and the planet through your business practices. Slap one on your next post by searching "SIP Certified" in the stickers, or save the files below and use them in your emails or on your website.


Thank you for supporting sustainable winegrowing

As a SIP Certified member, you achieve the highest bar in sustainable winegrowing. It’s a commendable feat, and we thank you for your dedication to caring for the people and the planet!

Feel free to reach out any time with your questions or feedback.



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